Anonymous: on theme 7 (high i think?) is it possible to make the sidebar picture bigger? thank u sososo much

just increase the width in #sidebarimage img and add (also into #sidebarimage img) margin-left:-10px; (could be a lower or higher number, it depends on the width you want) hope this helped :)

Anonymous: do u know where to get more of the backgrounds u posted? tysm :)

try to google “pixel backgrounds” or searching for it in the tags, or to google “tumblr backgrounds” and you’ll find some tumblr sites that have amazing backgrounds :)

Anonymous: /post/47796710114/old-extra-theme-by-billiondays-5-links-500px how can i make the title in header go longer in width? (pls answer before monday i have to give this in then) thanks xx


increase the number of “width” in #title :) so sorry i’m late

Anonymous: can you pls post some backgrounds for ur redux theme? :)

Here are a couple, i think i have posted some before but i’m not sure if it was on my theme blog or main blog :)

Anonymous: where did you get your update tab(on your theme blog)

Anonymous: theme 18 is supposed to be a diamond sidebar? but something is wrong with it?

lhonestly that theme is a messed up html but i cant see anything wrong with it?

Anonymous: can you please explain how to get the glow around the description and such like in your theme? i understand if not, thank you!!

box-shadow:0px 0px 25px #fff ; :)

Anonymous: on theme #2, in the live preview the hover is like that 3d shit that hurts your eyes but in the code it's not

Ohh, well i’ll just remove it off of the live preview then

Anonymous: just the colors sometimes... and one of the hover things, i know how to use html so it was fine for me. but why are you thinking of taking them down?

Because when i changed my theme blog i lost my codes, so i had to repost them but i had changed some parts of the theme so some of them were different but the colors always start at grey if it’s a customizable color, but can you please tell me on what theme the hover isn’t working so i can change it? 

I’m might be taking them down, because i have no time to make more themes bc of college or help people with HTML and yeah :)

Anonymous: you really shouldn't put the live preview of your themes something that isn't even in your html... the last two themes i've used i got for certain reasons and i have to change the html to get that

What was different in the code and live preview?

besides i might be taking my themes down soon